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love and kindness meditation

during this meditation, I couldn’t help but to start thinking about my narrative of my until. It made it hard to be calm and happy, even though he’s been gone for over a year now. I felt he was with me when I was meditating though. A lot of this meditating and trying to connect with your inner self is hard for me. I’m not an open person and don’t usually try to find inner for to resolve problems. That makes it hard to focus, when your whole life you’ve just let problems resolve them self.


chi gong

It was weird that I actually felt like tere was a ball between my hand when inhaled and exhaled while my hand were facing each other. It really felt like something was pulling my hands apart and bring them back together when I was breathing. When my hands were facing up and down, it did feel like there was and object in the palm of my hand.

Expose the unexposed

I feel as though Williams is trying to expose her refusal of her mother’s cancer through the California gulls. She starts out saying that she watches the gulls progress through adolescence and then mature to fly away. Then on page 78, she talks about her denial. She says that, “I have refused to believe that my mother will die. And by denying her cancer, even her death, I deny her life.” I believe that when she was talking about the gulls maturing, I think she was referring to the cancer progressing.

Louis c.k video

I think that it was funny because i can relate to what he said. I have been on each side of the being made fun of comments. Also, I have been the person that was texted back as well as the person not texted back. I also used to put on facebook or tweet how I was feeling.

body scan meditation

During the meditation, I could only think about two things. One, is my back problem that has been giving me hell since jv football. I got hit in the back l, and it has always been sore off and on since then. The other thing is a canker sore that i got from biting my cheek. It is really aggravating.

class meditation 2

I did find piece in nature. this place is the woods where. i hunt. The tree that i found, was the tree that my deer stand is in. It didn’t offer me anything. I found a doorway that is the front door to my grandparents house. in the door came my grandpa after having heart surgery this week. The lesson was that never take anything for granted. he had a 1/3 chance of dying in the surgery, but he overcame it and is home safe now. These were the only two things that I pictured. The rest of the time I just focused on my breathing.

Describing my refuge.

My refuge is a house in the country. Birds, crickets, dogs, horses, and cows fill the land with sounds. The smell of fresh cooked food such as chicken, bacon or peach cobbler. not having to be rushed by the presense of anybody. Riding four wheelers through the forty acres. The silence of the woods when I am in the deer stand. The fresh air of the surrounding oak trees. The two story home were i’ve spent countless nights looking out the window at the stars above. This is my refuge. This is my home.

What is a refuge?

A refuge is being safe from harm or danger. They provides aid and shelter. Just like in Africa, they gave refugee camps to help out the people that are weak and in need. A refuge provides shelter. The people in New Orleans were in need of refuge after the hurricane Katrina. can’t think of anything else to write about refuges. The name of the book were going to read is called the refuge. I seriously can’t think of anything else to say about the word refuge. My mind needs refuge right now. Hospitals, asylums, shelters, and red cross are all refuges.