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What is a Refuge

A refuge is being safe from harm or danger. They provides aid and shelter. Just like in Africa, they gave refugee camps to help out the people that are weak and in need. A refuge provides shelter. The people in New Orleans were in need of refuge after the hurricane Katrina. can’t think of anything else to write about refuges. The name of the book were going to read is called the refuge. I seriously can’t think of anything else to say about the word refuge. My mind needs refuge right now. Hospitals, asylums, shelters, and red cross are all refuges.


Expose the Unexposed

I feel as though Williams is trying to expose her refusal of her mother’s cancer through the California gulls. She starts out saying that she watches the gulls progress through adolescence and then mature to fly away. Then on page 78, she talks about her denial. She says that, “I have refused to believe that my mother will die. And by denying her cancer, even her death, I deny her life.” I believe that when she was talking about the gulls maturing, I think she was referring to the cancer progressing.


Chocolate Meditation

This felt awkward because it was hard to just let it melt on our tongue without swallowing . It was almost like a choking sensation almost. it was different from eating chocolate because when you just chew it, you only get one to two tastes out of it. When you let it sit on your tongue, you can taste the milk, saltiness, butter, vanilla, sugar, as well as the chocolate from the cocoa bean. I’m not sure that I felt any different letting it sit on my tongue than eating it. It did however, make the taste of the chocolate last longer. The chocolate was better when you savor it like we did. When you eat it fast, you don’t take pleasure in eating it, and left with a craving for more. This reminds me a lot of society. We always rush through everything and continuously want more. We don’t take time to enjoy the little things in life, as well as each and every flavor of the chocolate bar.


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