Introduction to Memoir

The purpose of this memoir was to show the progression of the ability to show versus tell and to give sensory details so that someone can actually feel that they are in the memoir with the writer. The intended audience was anyone who has ever lost a loved one and is going through emotional spells because of it. Writing this memoir, I asked myself, “Will the reader actually be able to visualize what is going on in the story and be able to follow it?” I learned many things from this essay. It takes time and hard work to be able to perfect a story. It is not something that you can only write one draft to and be done. My strengths of this work include the use of quotes, the ending, and the introductory sentence. My weaknesses were the ability to show and not tell, making the memoir more descriptive, and the mechanics of the work. The question that I still have has been answered by my instructor in the audio message in the grading rubric. This assignment affected my understanding of a voice in writing through a sense that the work is made your own. No one can tell you that your story is wrong. It is your work and you can express whatever emotions come up.


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