Introduction to Research paper

The purpose of this piece is to give an informative paper on how sleep deprivation affects stress on the mind, body, and soul. My intended audience was people who have sleep problems and are looking for ways to alleviate this problem. From this work, I learned that if you don’t get sleep, it could lead to heart problems, obesity, depression, and impaired learning. When writing this, I asked myself many times’ “where can I find information on this topic?” the strength of this piece was the quality of information that I found. I believe that they were solid sources to use in my paper. My weakness was the length of my paper. I could have found a lot more information than I actually did. I still have questions about how to cite different sources in text. This paper affected my thoughts on voice of writing because it shows that many different ideas can be added to make one paper a strong one. Sometimes it takes opposing ideas to come to an answer.


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