Reflective Essay

My view of writing before this term began was that it was easy and that anyone could write. As this class progressed, my view changed to see that it takes time and hard work to be a writer. To be able to show and not tell was a challenge for me. My view was also changed in a way that I started to visualize what I was writing instead of just free handing it. My writing was influenced a lot through the stories that we read, such as refuge. It made me become so much more of a stronger writer. I was influenced some by the student papers that we read, but also influenced on what not to do as well. My writing that was my best work was my memoir. I feel this way because it was a personal experience for me. This helped me in using sensory details to show what I was truly feeling at that time. My weakest was probably the research paper. It was a hard topic to write on. I also had trouble with the in text citations as well. It was only the second research paper I’ve ever done. My strength as a writer is the time that I spend on my work. I do not cut corners when I write and actually try to get a feel for what I am writing about. I think this helps me to be a strong writer. The traces that lead me to be a better writer is from the blog posts that we did at the beginning of the term, to the visual analysis at the end of the term. I have learned that I can be a strong writer if I put more work into it. This doesn’t correspond with what I thought before the semester, because I thought that I couldn’t write, so therefore I shouldn’t. At the beginning, I thought audience, purpose, and voice were just parts of the writing process. Now I believe that purpose is the reasoning for telling them what you have written. Audience is who your readers are and who you are trying to share your work with. Now I see voice as my style of writing. It is what makes my work unique. This class changed my definitions because those three terms were main process of our writing. If we didn’t know what they were, then we would have flunked the paper. They class taught me to relax and not stress things as much. The meditations that we didn’t were helpful in coping with stress in and out of the classroom.


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